How to Build a Mansion in Minecraft (part 1/3)

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How to Build a Mansion in Minecraft – 7 key tips to help your start building a mansion in minecraft the right way. 5 years of house building experience in one video. Creative tips and tricks for making a large minecraft house.


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  1. You're a great builder and a cozy sounding person. Thanks for making fun videos. I do miss your vids with Keralis, but I know it can't be helped :V I had a question about world seeds. Are there any good ones for modern city, town builds? Or is it best to work on a flatworld custom?

  2. Never give up never please your one of the best YouTuber ok your…just the one of a kind you have a good yoda voice and good buildings they help people that's why you have subs lots of it!

  3. Andy i am building a mountain mansion and would like to send u some screenshots of it to see if u like and maybe give me some tips. could u pls give ur work email or something so I can send them to u.
    by the way love ur vids, u have been giving me inspiration for my builds! 🙂

  4. Loved this video heaps! I have a question though, where was the life of an owner series this week? I've been looking forward to it!! Great mansion ANDY love this Chanel👍🏽

  5. Andy the garage tip is so true. I find myself doing this anytime I build a house and never realized that's what I was doing. The only problem is that I'm terrible at building cars once it's all done. Any suggestions?

  6. man could use help on a modern home I recreated, didn't have blueprints to it only an image of the backside (or at least I think its the backside LOL) but its really really massive :/ and just looks off a bit the back is awesome (IMO) but the front is lacking and thinking the garage area is too small for the build I dunno could really use tip and pointers I'm horrible at trying to come up with my own designs and keep doing the dopey step look >.< LOL any ways love your videos they do indeed inspire 🙂

  7. the sandbox game isn't doing good so far on Kickstarter which is kind of  annoying cause id like to play it, I would donate myself but I can't I hope more people push to fund it or maybe the creator could extend the deadline another 23 to 24 days

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