GAMING PC GIVEAWAY! [18+] #Minecraft done technically – for adults only!

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Sataana is playing Santa!
You now have a chance to win a Full Blown, all in complete GAMING PC!
This Xmas gift will include not just the Tower, but also the Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse mat, headset & Monitor!
All you need to get started well for 2019!

The specification is the anticipated specification but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Any photographs or computer generated images are indicative and may not represent the actual PC. Specification is not intended to form part of any contract or warranty unless specifically incorporated in writing.
Images and photography are intended for illustrative purposes only and should be treated as general guidance only.

🎉Welcome to the latest and greatest giant hype of livestreaming!🎉

🌍How can you support the streamer?🌍
Well, let me tell you!
🇬🇧Now, I think it is important that people know they can support the stream without spending a penny, it is not all about Subscribers & Donations.
For that reason, I will list the ways to Support me & the stream in a way that the CHEAP / FREE stuff comes first.🇬🇧

🖥Use your browser to donate Crypto🖥
How to: Go to and on the left side of the page, click “Start Mining”, and set your desired settings!

💫Donate for free using GawkBox💫
How to: Go to and do your thing!

🕳Donate for free using Loots🕳
How to: Go to and follow the instructions!

How to: Go to and follow the steps!
Side Note: You can also Donate without any notifications etc using –

🛍Amazon wish list🛍
How to: Go to and follow the instructions!

How to: Go to and follow the instructions!

💪GG Supps💪
How to: Go to select your products, use code “sataana”, place your order, and wait!

How to: Go to OR – Fill up your basked, use code “sataana” for 10% off, and await your Sataana branded stuff!

How to: Go to – select your package, use code “sataana” for 10% off, and finish your order, enjoy!

How to: Go to and follow the instructions! Happy Shopping!

📦PO Box📦
How to: Send your mail to: Sataana, PO 90210, 33 Farm View Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, NG17 7HF, England

🤖Stream is Powered by, go check them out at – the FREE Multi Streaming Platform!
Tell them Sataana send you! 🤖

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