Epic 43 Month 100% Survival Minecraft PS4 World

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Add ZachTV18_Youtube on the PlayStation network if you want to talk to me.
I started my Minecraft survival world on May 17th 2015 on PlayStation 3.
I transfered my survival world to PlayStation 4 on May 6, 2017.
I have the best villagers and they trade diamond tools.
You can trade paper to get easy emeralds from librarian villager.
My librarian villager is from December 2015 so he has 2 paper trades.
My nether fortress has 6 diamonds in the chests.
My biggest mansion is 300X34 with 2 full floors and full size flat roof top.
I have 2 huge custom strongholds that connect with 800 block long tunnel.
I have a 12,000 block long road on the outside of my medium size survival world.
I will upgrade to large size world when there are new trees.
I only give door privileges unless we are doing something important.
I play on a 42 inch 1080p Lcd TV and I plan on buying a 50 inch 4k TV eventually.
If you are a good person then you can join my survival world to help out and build a house

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